Nonno's Italian Bistro opened November 15th of 2014 is a BYOB addition to dining in Bradley Beach.  Serving traditional and modern Italian cuisine.  Nonno's, named by Sophia Falco granddaughter and niece of the owners Johnny Falco and Nick Falco, is located in the heart of Bradley Beach's Main Street.

Nonno's Italian Bistro is a family-owned restaurant using some family recipe that have been pasted down from generation to generation.  These recipes have been perfected for years at home by Nonno himself, Johnny Falco, A long with original and classic recipe (with a modern twist) created by Executive Chef Nick Falco, who is a graduate of the world's premiere culinary college, The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

 EVERYTHING on Nonno's Italian Bistro menu (including the pasta) is made fresh. Nick Falco's famous Tiramisu made with an aged Single Malt Scotch is a must have!!!

Buon Appetito!!!